Horizon Forbidden West goes gold

Horizon Forbidden West has finally gone gold for its release next month on February 18th. As Guerrilla Games prepares to print and distribute the game around the world, they’ve decided to celebrate by showing short gameplay clips captured on a PS4 Pro.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but Sony has chosen to show off footage captured on a PS4 Pro. The first clip, as uploaded by WTF time, shows Aloy walking through the Utaru tribe’s house. Plainsong has been extremely affected by the red plague that is destroying their way of life. As they attempt to heal the land through the power of song, players can glimpse what remains of their homeland, including huge settlements made of woven material and built on Old World radar dishes.

The following clip shows Aloy taking on Clamberjaws. These creatures are new to Forbidden West and are usually found in large packs, but luckily for Aloy she only encounters two. These nimble achines can travel great distances to get in and out of battle quickly, and unleash fireballs to keep enemies at bay.

The final clip shows an encounter with another new mechanical enemy: the Bristleback. The tusks are not kind to Aloy’s presence as she leaves a Utaru settlement.

In other news, Ubisoft has confirmed they are shutting down servers for their Battle Royale title Hyperscape. Elsewhere, gameplay has evolved from the canceled Star Wars 1313 with Boba Fett as the game’s protagonist.