Horizon Zero Dawn PC Player Finds Hidden Character Model

Reddit user _PortPort_ unearthed an unused, “hidden” character model in Horizon Zero Dawn on PC that turns Aloy into an anthropomorphic duck. We say ‘hidden’, but it seems that the cheeky developer behind the model wanted it to be found one day.

Using a cheat menu on the PC, _PortPort_ was able to reach an area that is inaccessible, but near where Rost called Aloy. The creepy character is standing there with a sign that says, “This is a legacy character. Please replace me.” The back of the sign reads, “Questions? Contact [email protected]†

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Cheat is required to access the area

Looks like you need the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn to visit “Duckman”. _PortPort_ used a specific cheat menu from Nexus Mods to get there. “This place is outside the boundaries of the map, in those dark spots that if you try to get close, it will teleport you back to your last save,” the Redditor wrote. “I had to enable the option to allow out-of-bounds reconnaissance because I had it turned off and I kept returning to my storage without understanding why.”

We know what you’re wondering so to answer your question, no, that email address doesn’t work. We didn’t expect it either, since it’s apparently made up.

Both Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War proved to be a sales success on PC. The launch sales of the former were comparable to The Witcher 3, and the latter still dominates the charts. Horizon Forbidden West is out February 18 for PS5 and PS4. A PC version has not yet been announced.

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