Housemarque returns return patch, PS5 error code CE-100028-1 Damaged storage

Despite the overwhelmingly positive critical reception, developer Housemarque has worked hard to address the few problems players have had since then. Return shipment release. It just released a brand new patch earlier today to address crash issues, trophy unlocks and more, but the update inadvertently introduced an even worse problem that players couldn’t play in full, causing the PS5 to display the PS5 error code CE-100028 – 1. Housemarque has since made it to the update, but anyone who has already downloaded it will need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

“When can we expect a fix for error code CE-100028-1 that has interrupted gameplay since the update? I can’t see myself playing once my 40+ hours of data has been cleared, ”replied one user Housemarque’s tweet announcing the new update. “Good to know I’m not alone. Getting it literally every 5-10 seconds in high-action sections, ” said another.

A comment said their save file randomly disappeared altogether.

And the problem doesn’t seem to be just a small subgroup of players. Many are reporting the same problem with different triggers for the error code to appear.

Many include photos of the error appearing along with their tweets, showing that this is an obvious and clearly widespread problem.

Return Damage – PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1

The error code usually appears to be error code CE-100028-1, which is oddly enough Sony describes as one that pops up when you don’t have enough free space on your PS5 SSD. It’s unclear why this is the error code that appears in this case, when the issues don’t seem to be related to storage space at all. Many have noted that the triggers seem to occur when the game tries to write something new to the save file.

While Returns has no mid-run save states, it does store some permanent unlocks as you progress through the world that are saved. Everything from exploration logs and glyphs to progress on weapon properties and more. It seems at any time Returns trying to write one of those things to the save file since the last patch, it encounters resistance from the PS5 falsely telling players that there isn’t enough space on their PS5 SSD to save.

Housemarque was quick to respond to the issue and completely rolled over the update, reverting to the previous version of the game. They are quickly working on releasing a new patch without the storage corruption issues, but players who have already downloaded Patch 1.3.3 will have to uninstall and reinstall the entire game to remove the bugged patch causing the issues .

They also recommend just not playing the game until the next patch is released and installed to avoid problems.

Housemarque expects the new patch to be released in a few hours, although the tensions already existing due to the lack of mid-run save states have many players fearful of doing anything that could destroy even more progress. Returns. While you wait for the new patch to go live, check out our exceptionally positive review of it Returns loved the way Housemarque took on the idea of ​​the AAA game, while retaining much of their own DNA. We also believe that Returns urgently needs a photo mode. Still having problems with your runs? Try our beginner’s guide, which contains essential tips for enjoying the game.

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