How casinos without a Swedish license continue to increase

Published January 13, 2022

Casino games online casino without Swedish license

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we get to take part in increasingly exciting gadgets and experiences. One of the industries that is growing rapidly with the help of technology is online casinos. As a player, there are plenty of sites to choose from and the competition can be a big advantage. There has long been a focus on attracting customers with bonuses, but players are also starting to ask for security and technical aids.

One of the fastest growing areas is casino games at online casinos without a Swedish license. The international market is huge and continues to grow. Everything from games and site design to payment services and security routines are developing almost as fast. With a growing global market, there are many customers to pick up and big money to make. It also means that the competition is fierce and everything from safety to experiences must be on top all the time.

Some background facts about online casinos

It may seem as if online casinos are a fairly new phenomenon as most people have not come into contact with it until the last 5 years or so. In fact, the first online casino was playable as early as 1994, it was the now well-known gaming company Microgaming that was behind the site. Many who participated and played already at that time testify about bugs and security problems, which we have come a long way from today.

The technology developed rapidly and more and more online casinos were started, the turnover is said to have been over 830 million USD already in 1998. According to the statistics company H2 Gambling, it is estimated that it has been played for up to 2.8 billion dollars in 2020, a sharp increase that shows no signs of matte off.

Sweden abolished its state gaming monopoly 2019 and more and more countries are following suit. Since it is not possible to stop players from playing at the international online gaming companies, it is often considered better to have your own market. With a national market, it is possible to keep track of developments and also collect taxes that can be used to finance possible measures.

Payment security is increasing throughout the network

An important part of playing at a casino is how quickly and safely you can make deposits and withdrawals of money. More and more FinTech companies are developing new means of payment, Swish is large in the Swedish market, while for example Trustly is very common in the international casino market.

Both Swish and Trustly are Swedish companies where you use BankID when you confirm your payment. The advantage of BankID is that at the same time as you top up the gaming cash register, you also confirm your identity. According to international rules, all casinos must verify the identity of players before paying out a win. This is done to reduce the risks of money laundering and the possibility of criminal activities for financing.

The payment services that are common at online casinos are not exclusive to that type of payment, but you often come across them all at different online stores. If you do not want to use BankID, it is common with different types of e-wallets where you verify your purchase with a personal code or receive a code with an SMS to your phone, but then you must verify yourself in some other way sooner or later.

Justice and safe play

As soon as it comes to digital technology, money and the internet, it is easy to become skeptical about whether the games are really fair and safe. All the casinos that you come across when looking for a new gaming site are considered safe, thanks to international work. The umbrella organization IAGR has collected all the casinos that are under all the most common licenses. The organization works hard to clean up the industry and give players a safe and enjoyable experience, and they are doing a great job so far.

Anyone who wants to know how big the chance is of winning a certain game can watch the game’s RTP, Return To Player. With a percentage, you get to know how much of the stakes are paid back on average in the form of winnings. They usually vary between about 65-98%. The same game can have different RTPs at different casinos, which means you need to check it on each site.

Make sure that the online casino you visit uses SSL encryption, is TLS certified and uses HTTPS protocols if you feel the need for extra security against intrusion. These three technologies together give you and your computer as secure a gaming experience as possible, both when paying and protecting your private information.

Own responsibility online

The most important thing when you play online, or for that matter no matter what you do when you are online, is your own responsibility.

Think before; What does the link lead to before you click? Is my information protected? Is this the page it claims to be? These are examples of good questions to ask yourself before moving on.