How I Met Your Marvel: Strip Marvel Interview

Are you a fan of Strip Marvel? Do you want to know how it started with its YouTube channel? This and much more below

The popular youtuber Dani Lagi, better known as Strip Marvel is touring Spain with his Show ‘How I met your Marvel ‘ and he has revealed to us, among other things, what viewers who go to see him will find in the cities that have yet to be visited.

Daniel Priego (artistically known as Dani Lagi), is a Stand Up Comedy comedian since 2006
and creator of the YouTube channel Strip Marvel TV, where his videos have already exceeded 150 million views. In just 4 years it has reached nearly 750,000 subscribers throughout the world.

The channel is dedicated exclusively to the world of Marvel, where it talks about cinema, comics and collecting. Has written two books How I met your Marvel and How I met your Marvel Vol. 2 where he tells the stories of Marvel Studios in a humorous way and has just published his first comic The Hater Glove of Infinity that parodies the Infinity saga of comics and movies.

Hi Dani, you are a YouTube reference about the world that surrounds Marvel on your Strip Marvel channel. How did the idea of ​​creating the channel come about?

Well, five years before creating Strip Marvel I had already tried YouTube as a platform and I really liked the experience. I did a very different content, parodying and doing political dubbing, but the videos worked very well and that stuck with me. I had also just closed my own Digital Marketing company and I had the strength to start a new project that I was passionate about. And the idea of ​​talking about Marvel came out, which has been my passion for 20 years.

Did you ever think that a Marvel comics and movies channel had such an impact when you created it?

I will not deceive you, I did not expect so much success, but I did imagine being able to reach similar numbers. Having Mexican references and seeing that in Spain at that time there was no channel that was in similar numbers, I threw myself into the pool. I have worked in television, radio, I have more than 2000 performances on my back, I was confident that I would do it well. What I did not expect was the affection and love that I feel from my followers, I did not know that that was so cool.

In How did I meet your Marvel? You collect your opinions, anecdotes and news that were emerging about each of the Marvel films that have been released until Spider-man: Far From Home, as well as the times you have been able to share time with the Avengers team, as well as your experience at San Diego Comic Con.

How did the project to translate all this into How did I meet your Marvel? Vol. 1 and 2, under the seal of Evolution, and how is the writing work of it.

To give you an idea, I was so sure Strip Marvel would work that I emailed Panini to write the book when it didn’t even have 50k followers. I was dying to write that book and until a few years passed, the publisher decided to give me the opportunity. When I recently saw that I sent that email as soon as I died of shame, I was a young Youtubil.

You have also been a comedian for a long time, doing monologues, and now you are on tour in Spain with precisely How did I meet your Marvel? How did the idea of ​​transferring that concept to a show come about?

They are somewhat different concepts. The show mixes comedy and meet and greet, I do not review the MCU as in the book, rather I review and talk about things that may come in the future in the movies. The funny part mostly covers the following question “What would Marvel be like in Spain?”.

Spectators who come to see the show. What will they find?

They will find excitement if they are fans of the movies, because they will laugh, they will be excited with surprises, I will answer questions and on top of that I will make a raffle for something epic, like the Captain America shield. Then there is a part where I sign my books and take photos with the attendees.

Also, I think you interact with the public.

Yes, that is a vital part, many of the best moments of the show come from there, because as a comedian I love to improvise, and I always try (if I can) to sharpen the questions.

What cities are you going to visit?

We started on September 5 in Bilbao, on September 12 in the Canary Islands, on 18 in Alicante and on 26 in Santander. Then we visit Zaragoza, Madrid, Oviedo, San Sebastián, Malaga, Murcia, Seville and Mallorca.

Now we start with a new phase of Marvel, what do you think about what we have seen so far in series like Wandavision, Falcon and the winter soldier, Loki, and the Black Widow movie?

Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

Well, I’m very happy, especially with the series, but I really want to see for example Shang-chi. Marvel Studios had it complicated after Endgame but those of us who have always trusted know that in the future we will experience great movies like Infinity War or Endgame itself.

There is great expectation for Spider-man 3, and Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessHowever, it seems that with Shang-Chi and Los eternos there is not so much hype, what do you think it is due to?

Well, they are characters very little known to both movie and comic audiences. But I think Shang-Chi will surprise and Eternals will be crazy. I think the hype is moderate especially by those who after Endgame were skeptical.

Which of the upcoming projects are you most looking forward to and why?

Spider-Man 3 is clear. My favorite character alongside Doctor Strange, another character that I love. If that we put together that they close a trilogy and that the multiverse appears, I think there is no doubt.

Finally, how do you see the future of Marvel? And what would you like to see in Marvel movies that you haven’t seen yet.

I really want to see plots that really surprise me and lift my seat. Black Widow disappointed me a lot because it was very predictable, hopefully the ones that come now will give us something different. And yes, I am dying to see the Fantastic Four well adjusted.

If you want to see the show, You can see the cities, schedules and buy the tickets in this link.