How to link your PS5 PS4 account to Discord

Discord integration with PS5 and PS4 arrived in the US today, January 31, and will be rolling out to other countries soon. Players can now link their PSN accounts to Discord and view their PlayStation game activity on their Discord user profile, including the game they’re playing and how long they’ve been playing it. There is also the option to display your online PSN ID on your Discord profile so that your friends can add you and join in if the game features cross-play.

How to link your PlayStation account to Discord

Linking a PS5 or PS4 account to Discord is currently only available in the US. US players need to go to their Discord account to link the two together. The process of pairing is the same whether you’re using a desktop, web, or mobile.

Once in Discord, go to User Settings > Connections. Here comes a new PlayStation icon between the icons for GitHub and Reddit. Click the icon to open a new browser window so you can authorize your PlayStation account. You must sign in to PlayStation with your PSN ID and password to complete the account linking process. There are two options on Discord once the two accounts are linked: Show on profile and Show PlayStation Network as your status.

To display your PSN status in your Discord profile, you may also need to change some settings on your PlayStation console. Both PSN online status and Now playing must be set to “Everyone” for the integration to work fully. This feature will not work for child accounts regardless of your PSN settings.

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