Hulk created great tension between Marvel Studios and Universal

The film rights to Hulk are shared between Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures and the 2008 film had a lot of problems at the management level.

The movie The incredible Hulk (2008) is one of the least successful of Marvel studios And it’s probably because the production was full of problems. They were also very worried because Universal did not do a good promotion.

As can be read in the book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, managers were concerned that the studio’s deal with Universal, to some extent, has already paralyzed the film. Also, with no long-term benefits for their efforts, it became a concern that Universal I was putting the marketing of the movie aside. Pragmatically, they had no incentive to invest in Marvel studios, since they only had the rights of one character.

At that moment, Marvel studios he was in serious financial trouble. The studio had a limited amount of cash to make its movies. But an uncertain picture in terms of how the public would receive their products. So the fear that a partner might not fulfill their end of the deal, especially one as vital as marketing, was likely a stressful situation.

Iron Man overshadowed this movie.

The premiere of Hombre de Hierro (2008) was so shocking, that The incredible Hulk was in the background. But also, according to the producer of Marvel Studios Stephen broussard: “There was pressure in case the film lost money from the risky release of two studio films in the same year”.

In the end, things turned out acceptably well. Given that Hombre de Hierro raised more than $ 585 million, while The incredible Hulk it raised just $ 264 million, but still generated about $ 150 million in profits.

From that moment on, Hulk He stopped being the protagonist and became a luxury secondary, they also began to shoot a lot of films and currently, Marvel studios has the most powerful film saga in history. Since there are more and more deliveries in theaters and series in Disney Plus.