Ice Road, man against the weather

Today on the billboard it opens Ice road, the thriller on ice starring Liam Neeson. A tense race against time to save a group of miners.

Jonathan Hensleigh (Die Hard: Revenge, nineteen ninety five; Armageddon, 1998) presents Ice Road, a film of action, catastrophes and survival.

Among its cast members stand out, as the cover shows, Liam Neeson (Revenge below zero, 2019), Amber midthunder (14 Cameras, 2018), Marcus thomas (Bigger than the sky 2005), Laurence fishburne (Matrix, 1999) and Benjamin Walker ( Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, 2012).

Beneath the plot of action, Ice road deals with topics such as economic corruption of entrepreneurs, who put money before human lives or family loyalty. Liam Neeson has to save his brother, a mechanic, a member of the rescue party. As an antagonist, they will have to deal with a guy who tries to boycott the mission and betray the team.

Synopsis and Trailer

In the film, Neeson is Mike McCann, A veteran truck driver who will have to face a very dangerous mission. Set in a remote and frozen region of Canada, a group of miners has been trapped after an explosion. Mike and a group of truckers must arrive with the necessary piece to rescue them from the mine before the oxygen runs out. They have 30 hours to travel 480km of totally icy roads, hence the name of Ice road. If they don’t get there in time, the trucks will sink. Will they get it?