Idris Elba joins the cast of Sonic 2 in an impressive role

After being widely commented for his participation in The Suicide Squad, Idris Elba will be part of the cast of the sequel to Sonic: The Hedgehog.

After the premiere of The Suicide SquadPerhaps one of the most talked about actors of the moment is Idris Elba. The interpreter gave life to the mercenary Robert Dubois (Bloodsport) in said film, being one of the most important characters and the new leader of the group in question. However, he was already well recognized for appearing in titles such as Thor, American gangster or Pacific Rim.

Thus, he is one of the few artists with roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Heimdall) and in the DC Extended Universe (Dubois). After this, the celebrity prepares to embody another great character, this time one created by visual effects.

A new role

Elba will be part of the casting of Sonic 2, a film in which he will give life to the famous enemy of the blue hedgehog, Knuckles. This is also the same species as the protagonist, but red in color and has spikes on its knuckles, for which it receives its name.

Idris Elba joins the cast of Sonic 2 in an impressive role

Originally, the porcupine was a villain, who repeatedly stood up to Sonic already Tails, but it was because he had been fooled by the Dr. Robotnik. So, based on this premise, it is not known which side Knuckles will have in the sequel … Hero or rival?

Knowing the story, the most logical thing would be that this is Robotnik’s ace up his sleeve, but Sonic makes him see reason. In this way, in the end both would join forces to end a common evil.

Although not much has been revealed about the plot, they are expected to return James marsden, Ben schwartz Y Jim Carrey to the cast. Idris Elba would be, in this way, the great signing. The actor made the official announcement through his Instagram.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 It is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2022.