Infinity Ward responsible for Call of Duty 2022 Warzone “experiences”

Infinity Ward will not only be responsible for the Call of Duty of 2022, but also future Warzone “experiences”. Looks like we’ve got the first hint for Warzone 2 here?!

During the presentation of the quarterly results, Activision announced what fans can expect from the series in the coming period. For one, there’s just another Call of Duty coming this year, despite some developers within the company preferring to move away from releasing a new iteration every year.

The publisher has announced that Infinity Ward will handle the development of Call of Duty 2022. Rumor has it that this year we will get a new Modern Warfare with the war against drug cartels. This studio will also be working on new Warzone content, which will be similar to the Pacific expansion that was introduced late last year.

Incidentally, Activision has announced that Warzone has recently welcomed fewer players than in the previous period. This may have to do with the new map, but also the fact that bugs have plagued the game for a long time, but also the fact that the Ricochet doesn’t seem to work as well as hoped.

The publisher is hopeful about the future of the series, as the game planned for this year is itself called the “next generation” of Call of Duty. We will see later this year how this is hoped to be achieved.

In addition, the publisher also has to deal with the very likely acquisition of Microsoft, which only needs approval. The platform holder wants to continue to release Call of Duty for at least the next three games on the Sony console, but what happens after that is still unclear.

In any case, we’ll keep an eye on it all for you!