Injustice Movie Confirms R Rating With New Trailer

Injustice, the upcoming animated film from DC and Warner Bros., has released a new trailer, which shows Superman and a sea of ​​blood around him.

DC and Warner Bros. Animation they have formed, for many years, a widely recognized alliance. In fact, even when the superhero cinema was not that powerful yet, the animated films of the companies had an impact and thousands of copies were coming around the world. In this way, with the rise of the genre, this has not diminished, but on the contrary they have taken advantage of the moment to move forward with large-scale projects. Currently, for example, they are waiting to release 2: Injustice, this year, and DC League of Super Pets in 2022.

While the last one will be in 3D format and with a galactic cast, including Dwayne johnson, Keanu reeves and Kevin Hart, the first will keep a discreet cast, but a story that many want to see. The film will follow the events shown in the comics and video game of the same name.

What is it about? Then SupermanAfter a great loss, he loses his mind and uses his power to establish a regime. While this is happening in an alternate universe, The Justice League of the main reality seeks to stop great consequences.

Now, this argument, already famous in other formats, will reach the small screen, where it promises not to subtract anything from a value: violence. Until now it would be known that he would be very faithful to his original synopsis, but in the last trailer something else was seen. In advance, Kal-El he uses all his strength, raining blood in his wake.

Without further ado, this is the new trailer for the film in question (you will have to open it directly in Youtube due to age restrictions):

With this, the production directed by Matt peters and written by Ernie altbacker get the R rating. In turn, it is scheduled to premiere on October 19, 2021 in physical format, but it is expected to also reach HBO Max.