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Insomniac seeks a gameplay programmer to help with Marvel’s Wolverine

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sleepless are clearly a busy, busy studio and they are almost always looking for more of the right people to join their team, such as their recent job opening as a gameplay programmer to work on Marvel’s Wolverine.

The job description itself doesn’t really tell us much that we don’t already know, other than shaping it more concretely in our minds that this will be a third-person action game with combat.

If you happen to be someone reading this who may be able to apply for the position, you can do so here.

While this doesn’t really give us much insight into the game itself, it does give us a little insight into the game’s timeline. Long story short, it will take a while.

After all, they have to Spider Man 2 out before they get Marvel’s Wolverine from. But what could be next? If sleepless if we were going to connect the universe of each game, we could have a completely different vertical of it miracle stories for years a la MCU.

Source – [Insomniac]