Introducing FieldSense in Madden NFL 23

Get ready to hit the field with Madden NFL 23 and see how FieldSense gives you more control at every position. FieldSense gameplay is only available on the Xbox Series X|S version of Madden NFL 23.

What is FieldSense?

FieldSense is an entirely new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay that gives players more control across the field, in every game mode. Powered by animation branching technology, FieldSense makes gameplay more varied and realistic, thanks to physics-based results.

FieldSense comes to life in Madden NFL 23 on Xbox Series X|S in four main ways, through the following new control mechanics: Hit Everything, Skill-Based Passing, 360° Cuts, and WR vs DB Battles.

hit everything

Madden NFL 23 screenshot

Hit Everything takes defensive coverage to a whole new level, utilizing six key components that deliver new gameplay interactions and over 3,500 new animations to give you precise control over every hit, tackle and collision for more authentic results. The six components are: Hit the Pile, Stand-up Tackles, Hitting Blocks, Mid-air Knockouts, and Add-on Blocks.

skill-based passes

Madden NFL 23 screenshot

Skill-Based Passing is designed to give quarterbacks expert-level control over every shot, using a new pass meter to dictate power and trajectory, plus new mechanics for pinpoint accuracy. Skill-based passes allow you to open up receivers and put the ball in the perfect spot where only they will catch it. Take throws with your shoulder back, get it in the perfect spot on a corner route, pull off a flawless fade in the end zone, or lob it over the defense on a running streak. Skill-based passes open up the entire Madden NFL 23 crime in a whole new way.

360° cuts

360° slashes give you exact control to fire hard slashes while running the ball anywhere on the course. Previously, players could only rely on their basic movement to choose between sharp cuts or rounded turns, but now you decide when and where to cut so the ball carrier finds the perfect lane as soon as you do.

WR vs DB Battles

Madden NFL 23 screenshot

One-on-one battles on the secondary also get a massive upgrade, as FieldSense introduces branching WR throws and slashes, defensive pushes and counters, and an all-new defensive evasion mechanic. While all of these are available in all game modes, WR vs. DB Battles have been created specifically with player-locked modes like Face of the Franchise: The League and Squads in Superstar KO and Madden Ultimate Team in mind.

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