Is God of War Ragnarok release date imminent?

Days after a release date input for God of War Ragnarok was found in the PlayStation Network database, a country’s rating board appears to have already assigned the game an age rating of 18 and over (or adult).

As noted by MP1e, reviewed by the General Commission for Audiovisual Media of Saudi Arabia God of War Ragnarok, and tweeted an update via his official account. A little curious because at the time of writing there doesn’t seem to be a listing for the game on GCAM’s official website, nor is there anything on the front page (we’ll see Zelda plastered there). In light of this, it is unclear whether Santa Monica Studio has filed God of War Ragnarok to rating boards around the world or if GCAM has preemptively assigned it a rating. Nevertheless, you can check out the tweet below and let us know what it means if you’re from the region and well versed in GCAM’s business.

Age ratings are usually followed by release date announcements, so GCAM’s tweet understandably left us scratching our chin. God of War Ragnarok‘s PSN back-end list linked to the game’s September 30, 2022 release, but as we explained before, this appears to be a placeholder.

We will update our readers when we have more information. For now, God of War Ragnarok has no official release information other than that it is in development for the PlayStation 4 and 5.