Is Sifu Multiplayer? – PlayStation universe

Is Sifu Multiplayer? † Developer sloclap’s latest title sifu is the equivalent of a playable kung fu action movie, as you make your way through the five martial arts masters who killed your father years ago.

However, players are left wondering whether or not they can take a friend on a trip, or even show their own kung fu skills against their friends.

This quick guide answers the question, is Sifu multiplayer?

Is Sifu Multiplayer?

No, Sifu is not a multiplayer game† It is a single player narrative action game where you simply have the task of getting to each target and killing them.

That’s not to say that the idea of ​​multiplayer is totally at odds with Sifu. Of sloclap’s history comes from Absolverit wouldn’t be at all surprising if a multiplayer mode was added to the game.

So if you’ve been through each of the five killers and seen the secret ending and are looking for more, don’t lose hope.