Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios is acquiring six developers from Stadia

Last month, Jade Raymond announced her latest venture. Following the collapse of Stadia Games and Entertainment, an in-house development studio at Google Stadia, Raymond revealed that she had left her role as the studio’s vice president and founded a new studio called Haven Studios, in partnership with Sony to work on a exclusive PlayStation. Six additional staff who recently left Stadia have also joined Haven.

Raymond founded the studio with Sebastien Puel, although he only started in Haven this month. Puel was the General Manager of Stadia Games. At the time the studio was announced, Raymond said she would be working with “talented game developers I’ve been working with for years” and she will certainly bring some of her more recent acquaintances. Corey May becomes Haven’s World and IP Director; he was previously Head of Creative Services & Publishing at Stadia Games. Jonathan Dankoff is the studio’s Insights Director, previously a Staff UX Researcher at Stadia. Pierre-Marc Bérubé becomes a software engineer and previously was a graphics programmer at Stadia. Finally, Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt will take on the roles of concept artists. You can probably also guess where they used to work.

Before Raymond worked at Stadia, she started her career at Sony. She then switched to EA as a correspondent for Electric Playground before moving to Ubisoft Montreal. She later founded Ubisoft Toronto, where she served as an executive producer Assassin’s Creed, Splinter cell, and Guard dogs. She had even given the framework for a new one Splinter cell title before leaving the studio, one that has never seen the light of day. After Ubisoft, Raymond returned to EA where she was responsible for leading EA Motive and Visceral Games. She continued to work Mass Effect, Star Wars, and a brand new “dynamic action-adventure” IP, the latter of which has never been released either. After her tenure at EA, she took charge of the internal Stadia studio.

Haven Studios is working on a new unannounced IP address for PlayStation. While little is known about the IP, Raymond said they want to “create worlds where players can escape, have fun, express themselves and find community”, and “create games that are a haven for players”. Hopefully her new IP will fare better than some of her previous titles now that the studio has no “hindrances or barriers”.

[Source: ResetEra]