James Bond returns with a new teaser

A new teaser of No Time to Die (2020) confirms that Daniel Craig returns in his fifth outing as British MI6 agent James Bond.

A new teaser of No Time to Die MGM confirms that the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise is just around the corner.

The 30-second trailer dispels any doubt that a stage has been set for another fast-paced, action-packed spy festival when Daniel Craig Put yourself in the shoes of the British MI6 agent for the fifth and supposed last time.

Since the premiere of No Time to Die has suffered a series of postponements due to the coronavirus, several trailers have already been published. It was originally scheduled to premiere in April 2020, but it was carried over to last November. Later, again, in April 2021.

MGM reportedly engaged talks to premiere the blockbuster on a streaming service, a proposal that was ultimately rejected by EON Productions. The reason behind the postponement of the premiere is justified by the protection of the prestige of the James Bond brand. A notion projected in the teaser showing that the movie will be experienced only in theaters. It will be the first James Bond film released by Universal Pictures, as international distribution rights were recently assigned by Sony Pictures.

Starring Daniel Craig and directed by Cary fukunaga, No Time to Die hits theaters October 8

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