Jason Momoa breaks the silence on Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2 is still very early in its production, but what to expect is a little known. Jason Momoa, its protagonist, raised the hype.

Aquaman he was always one of the most underrated superheroes in DC. Multiple productions of popular culture parodied his powers, showing the ability to communicate with aquatic creatures as something inferior. However, removing all stigmata, the company sought out a physically imposing actor to bring the monarch of Atlantis.

Thus, discreetly, but safely, Jason momoa came to make a small cameo in Batman v superman, which convinced many. After that, the actor was included in The Justice League and he had his solo film, demonstrating the great confidence that he has. Now, the artist is months away from having a sequel, seeming to have many more plans with the study.

However, although his first independent installment in the character was well criticized and received, it seems that what is coming will be even better. Well, at least that’s what the celebrity and the production team ensure … And it is worth noting that, for this production, Momoa stepped forward and left only the mantle of interpreter and added that of scriptwriter, collaborating creatively too. With this, these were his statements:

We have all learned something in the first one. It’s exciting because I haven’t done a lot of sequels. I just know that it is, even on the page, absolutely wonderful.

Many things happen. I think the stakes are much more important. There is a lot of comedy. I mean I laughed when I read it. There are lots of fun, and the action is definitely [mayor]“, he claimed.

Now, that’s his opinion, but yours will be able to have it from December 16, 2022, when the feature film is released.

Source: Fandango