Jeremy Renner complains about Marvel Studios filming

Actor Jeremy Renner reveals how he feels while shooting Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe movies.

Thanks to green screens and motion capture, you can now do anything you can think of for in the movies. But this causes an inconvenience for the actors, since many times they have to imagine what is happening around them because then they add it in post-production. Thus has explained Jeremy renner how does it feel to roll for Marvel studios.

It’s just different. I know what Wind River (2017) will look like when it’s finished. I have no idea what a movie will look like in the Marvel Studios universe. I have no idea. I know the scenes that we shot, when he’s inside a lab or something, but you don’t know what the backdrop is or what the Hulk actually looks like. It is completely different. But in the process of filming it, some things inform you. Just focus on what you know and don’t worry about the things you don’t know or learn from the things you don’t know. You just have to do what you have to do.

Jeremy Renner also revealed that Hawk Eye He is the character with the most action he has ever played: «There are also a lot of stunts. And you are wearing the most inappropriate clothes to do the stunts. You do the best you can with the limitations and move on.

Marvel Studios usually gives little information to the actors.

To avoid SPOILERS, actors like Jeremy renner who participate in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe they don’t usually know the endings or some scenes if they are not involved in them. Sometimes they even shoot the same thing in very different ways so that no one in the cast knows what will make it to the movies.

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Now we can see Jeremy renner in the series Hawk Eye from Disney plus, which will surely have many surprises that we will discover chapter by chapter.