JETT: The Far Shore PS5 Trophies Confirmed

The full list of PS5 JETT: The Far Shore Trophies have been confirmed ahead of the game’s launch in early October. See below for a full Trophy list for the Pine Scented Software-developed action-adventure romp!

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The Far Coast (Platinum)

Get all the trophies.

Embark (Bronze)

Embark on an interstellar journey across a sea of ​​stars to the distant shore.

Deploy (Sliver)

Go to the far coast and set ground control on Scout’s Prospect.

Research (Silver)

Examine Tor’s solemn cone and fathom the hymn wave.

Adjust (Gold)

Adapt to the far coast to overcome obstacles and survive.

Persevere (Gold)

Persisted through adversity to sync data cores with Jao aboard the Mother Structure.

Scout: Shores (silver)

Map all the places of interest on Shores.

Scout: Tsosi Massif (Silver)

Map all the sights on the Tsosi massif.

Scout: Ozu (Silver)

Map all the sights on Ozu.

Scout: Spiers (Silver)

Map all landmarks on Spies.

Some findings collected (bronze)

Inspect 13 living creatures.

Collected many findings (gold)

Collect all finds from 25 living species.

Rings Revealed (Silver)

Reveal 7 hermetic ghokebloom by searching for and dazzling rings from Fotoflor.

Reinforced (Gold)

Bolster 64 ghokebloom.

Scout Prowess: Glide (Silver)

Glide for 45 seconds while remaining 47 m above the surface.

Scout Prowess: Glide Traversal (Gold)

Glide from Spire to Ozu while staying 47 m above the surface.

Scout Prowess: Tondrill Slalom (Silver)

Jett through the curled curls of 13-tonrils in 52 seconds or less.

Scout prowess: Surge Sprint (Bronze)

Over solid ground, with scramjets enabled, hold the surge for 66 seconds with no overload or interruption.

Scout Prowess: Surge Sprint Legend (Silver)

Over solid ground, with scramjets enabled, hold the surge for 144 seconds without overload or interruption.

Scout Prowess: Long Point (Silver)

Point a gripped payload so that it travels 1 km or further.

Scout Prowess: Point Grapple (Silver)

Point volatile resin, then grab it before it hits the surface.

Soothing The Hoppas (Bronze)

Stun a herd of hoppas.

Grieving Mourners (Silver)

Anesthetize griefers with cinder chimneys, polypops, and vapor cavities.

A brutal breakfast (bronze)

Help a brute feed on 5 vermin in 44 seconds.

Brute Haul Legend (Bronze)

Get a brute 5 km from the point of origin.

Through Tsosi’s Beard (Silver)

Consider Tsosi’s face for a while.

[Source – PSN Profiles]