John Carpenter Wants 2 More New York Rescue Movies

The mythical film director John Carpenter reveals that there are two more stories to continue the adventures of the film Rescue in New York (1981).

We are in the era of reboots, sequels, prequels or turning old successes into series, so it is normal that there are directors like John carpenter Who want to make more installments of movies from the 80s and 90s.

For now, it is unlikely that the actor Kurt russell put the eye patch back on and reinterpret Snake Plissken Y John carpenter surely he will not shoot a new installment, since his last work was Locked of 2010. But even so, it has two more stories that should make it to the movies. At least, this is what he commented in a recent interview:

“He is a character that Kurt loves passionately. He convinced me to do the sequel. There is probably a third or even a fourth story about Snake. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it, but I think he deserves it. “

In 1981 the film was released 1997: Rescue in New York (Escape from New York), the story was about a world where crime had grown so much that New York City becomes a great jail where all criminals end up. After a terrorist attack, the president of the United States ends up there at the mercy of the prisoners. Only the intervention of Snake Plissken can save him.

The sequel to John Carpenter came in 1996 and was titled 2013: Rescate in LA (Escape from LA). On this occasion, Los Angeles has become an island due to an earthquake and citizens who have lost their nationality are sent there. The daughter of the president of the United States ends up in that place with a very dangerous biological weapon and again they turn to Snake Plissken to rescue her.

It is more likely a remake than a continuation.

As much as John carpenter have two new stories in the saga, if you make a new installment it will be a new version. Since attempts have been made to revive the franchise since 2007, in fact it has long been rumored that Gerard butler Y Josh brolin have been linked to the lead role, while Neil cross (Luther), Robert Rodriguez (Alita: Battle Angel) and Leigh whannell (Insidious: Chapter 3) have signed on to direct at some point. Even Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt russell, has commented that it would be professional suicide to accept the role. Although now it enjoys great popularity thanks to the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier from Marvel Studios, which can be seen at Disney Plus.

Would you like John Carpenter to do two more sequels? Or is a remake better? Leave us your comments below.