Johnny Depp excited by the reaction of the fans

Johnny Depp received much criticism after the events with Amber Heard. Now, the actor was against the culture of cancellation.

Johnny Depp was the great protagonist of the San Sebastian Festival, where he received the Donostia Award, which was presented by José Luis Rebordinos, director of the festival. Whenor received the award, assured that he was not only obtaining it for his career, but also for the public. “Cinema is for people and they are the ones who rule”, assured the actor.

The actor remembered all the people who stood by his side in these difficult times, and that they were his pillars at all times. “I also believe in me”, he responded to his fans, who never doubted him and supported him to get ahead. In addition to thanking his followers, Johnny Depp also recalled a case where a man had been accused of murdering three children, but was innocent. “A single person can begin to chisel the monolith of justice. Let’s not forget that we have that tool to exercise our power “he declared.

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Against the culture of cancellation

Hours before receiving the award, Johnny Depp held a press conference where he spoke about the culture of cancellation, of which he said that “no one is safe” So what “It has gotten out of hand”. In this way, the famous actor declared: “One sentence is enough and there is nothing more to do. And it hasn’t just happened to me, it has happened to a lot of people. To women, to men. Sadly at a certain point they begin to think that it is normal. Or what are they, when they are not “.

In turn, the actor highlighted “The unwavering support of the festival” for not supporting “a notion of me that does not exist”. Similarly, Johnny Depp revealed that he was scared by how people would receive his presence at the festival: “I understand that it can offend people and I don’t want to offend anyone. I have not done anything, I only make movies ”.