Join the final fall chapter of Tools Up! Garden Party!

The leaves are changing color, the pumpkins have ripened and there is a new sensation in the air, autumn is coming! Grab your favorite sweater and get ready to harvest in the final chapter of Tools Up Garden Party, Episode 3: Home Sweet Home. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico).

How not to fall in love with the red and gold autumn leaves? They really transform the garden … into a huge mess! Leaves in the grass, on the road … everywhere! Time to put the rakes into action and sort the fallen leaves into piles. Just make sure you don’t go over them and ruin all your work (though we won’t blame you if you can’t resist jumping through piles of leaves every now and then).

With so much work, you will surely get hungry. Luckily the vegetables that are the fruit of your work during the summer are ready to be harvested. Collect ruby ​​red beets, crunchy carrots and plump onions and imagine the delicious soups you can create with them. Don’t worry, they won’t be damaged! They are fall hardy vegetables after all. Get the job done faster by dropping them directly into your basket.

As winter approaches, you will need to prepare to work in all types of weather. We weren’t kidding when we said pick your favorite sweater! Morning frosts can freeze the ground and the rain will leave puddles everywhere that you will need to clean up. Sometimes the fog will make it difficult for you to see, but don’t panic, there is nothing to fear … or maybe yes …

What is it that emerges from the fog? A ghost? A floating cauliflower? No! He is a new challenger, who came to make your life out of squares. Stinky Smog can rush past at any time to steal your stuff or just stomp on your piles of leaves. Stay alert, and take your little puppy to scare off Smog and be able to finish your chores.

Discover many more new mechanics and 15 new fall levels in the Episode 3: Home Sweet Home and helps Tools Up Co. finish their tree house work. Will you be able to uncover the mystery of the stinky Smog? Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico).