Joker 2 continues in Warner Bros plans

After the huge success of the first film, much was said about Joker 2. Apparently, this sequel continues in the plans of Warner Bros.

Joker 2 is a project that gave a lot to talk about. With the success of the first film, which awarded Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar, there were several media and fans who spoke at that time about a sequel. But time passed and the rumor stopped being the protagonist, and nothing more was known about this possible film. Now, as reported The Hollywood Reporter, We will not only have The Batman film, the Gotham PD series on HBO Max, but also a sequel to Joker.

Unfortunately, no more details are mentioned about this possible Joker 2, of which neither Todd Phillips nor Joaquin Phoenix have commented. Either way, making a sequel would be the most logical move for any production company considering the success of the first one, as it managed to gross more than $ 1 billion at the global box office (with a budget of 55) and took two Oscars: Best Actor and Best Original Soundtrack, as well as becoming the highest grossing film for over 18s in history.

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Busy agendas

If this Joker 2 is possible, keep in mind that it could take a while. Because the people who will be behind the project, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix, have a pretty tight schedule. Mainly the actor, who would once again put himself in the character’s shoes. Among Todd’s upcoming projects we only find a Hulk Hogan biopic for Netflix starring Chris Hemsworth.

Joaquin Phoenix’s schedule is already much more complex, and although he has released nothing more than a short film since Joker in 2019, he has Mike Mills’s drama C’mon C’mon in post-production and Ridley’s Kitbag films announced. Scott along with Jodie Comer and Disappointment Blvd, the new Ari Aster.