Josh Brolin harshly criticizes the 2022 Oscars for Dune

After the nominations for the Oscars 2022, the controversy has not been long in coming. Josh Brolin is very pissed off about what happened with Dune.

Josh Brolin It has echoed what many fans think on social networks. He has suggested that the Academy hollywood film has despised the director of dunes, Denis Villeneuveafter nominations for the oscars 2022 that we met the other day. The latest adaptation of the wonderful work of Frank Herbert sparked much debate about whether or not the director would be at this ceremony, after a recent unblemished career with premieres such as The arrival or blade runner 2049.

Although there were certain doubts about the adaptation, the truth is that dunes achieved the acceptance of much of the public and all critics. Considered by many to be the best movie of the year, the film also turned out to be a box office success in the “era of the pandemic.” It grossed nearly $400 million worldwide and Warner Bros. Pictures has already confirmed its sequel. With up to 10 nominations at the 2022 Oscars, it is inexplicable that Denis Villeneuve was not nominated for director. And this is something that has bothered both fans and the aforementioned Josh Brolin.

“It makes you realize how wonderful and how stupid this awards thing is at the same time,” the actor flatly stated.

Josh Brolin, who played the weapons master Gurney-Halleck in dunesposted a video on your social networks to congratulate everyone involved in the 10 nominations for the 2022 Oscars. However, his positive and cheerful tone was later replaced when he spoke about the director. We share the entire post and translate the part where he is visibly upset.

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«I can not believe it. It stuns and baffles me that Denis Villeneuve is not nominated for Best Director. It’s one of those things you can’t understand. How do you get ten nominations with a movie and the guy who did the impossible with that book doesn’t get nominated. It makes you realize that all of this is, at the same time, an amazing wonder and fucking stupidity.«Josh Brolin explained about what happened with dunes at the 2022 Oscars.

And you, what do you think of all this?