Judgment is now available to play on PlayStation

judgment, the spin-off of SEGAs Yakuza series has been made available on Sony’s streaming service, Playstation Now until October 4, 2021 prior to launch for the soon-to-be-released sequel, lost judgment.

A new way for players to get started judgment is great news, but arriving at Playstation Now curiously avoids the problems SEGA is currently turning on the game game pc.

Currently, due to the talent agency that represents, judgment protagonist, Takuya Kimura who plays main character Yagami, there’s a good chance we won’t see it judgment release on Steam, or for the franchise to even go by lost judgment. For whatever reason, the agency doesn’t want their actors involved in games that are on pc, true SEGA wants to bring the franchise.

But if you’re a Playstation Now subscriber, you can dive into your browser and play technically judgment on your pc, although of course you would be streaming the experience of a Play station console in a warehouse.

Source – [Twitter]