Keanu Reeves creates a great controversy in China

Actor Keanu Reeves is not usually very controversial, but how he will be at an event that supports Tibet has been heavily criticized in China.

As just published Taiwan Central News Agency, the actor Keanu Reeves has been confirmed for the benefit concert of Tibet House US on March 3. This has caused people in China to protest a lot against the star of Hollywood and they are already calling for a boycott of all their productions.

The event in which you will participate Keanu Reeves It serves to help protect Tibetan culture and thus guarantee its survival against the influence of China. It must be remembered that in the Asian giant they do everything possible so that the Tibet area does not generate much international interest.

Now, we will have to wait a bit to find out if Keanu Reeves go ahead with your support for the event or if the protests change your mind. We must remember that if an American film has the possibility of reaching theaters in that Asian country, that can translate into a lot of money. But if some of the actors or directors have a conflict with China, it usually doesn’t pass the censorship.

The actor continues with his film career.

Apart from his controversy with China, we can see Keanu Reeves in theaters reprising his role as NEO in Matrix Resurrections. While the fourth and fifth installments of John Wick. Not forgetting what the series will do The Devil in the White City, based on the novel of the same name.

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But in addition, there is much speculation that Keanu Reeves could jump to Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Something that fans of this saga, that can be seen on Disney PlusThey are waiting with great enthusiasm. Would you like him to play Ghost Rider? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.