Keanu Reeves shares his love of cinema

Actor Keanu Reeves is one of the most beloved in Hollywood and he feels fortunate to be able to work in the film industry.

Has already been released Matrix Resurrections where Keanu reeves reinterprets NEO and also soon we will see it again as John wick in its fourth and fifth installments. So he is in one of the best moments in his film career and in a recent interview he wanted to reveal what cinema means and acting for him.

«My mother says that I declared that I wanted to be an actor when I was 15 years old and why that person asked or said that. I remember when I was acting in school or doing Shakespeare, that feeling of being free was a game. It was fun. Make believe, but reality, connection, a group, collaboration … It is shared. You are in communion, you tell a story. I love stories. Stories help us to contextualize the world. I love what happens after someone says action. So we start… We are in the moment. It’s fun. So I’m really grateful that I can earn a living and try to have a career with something I love. “ Revealed Keanu Reeves.

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He has very interesting projects in the future.

Apart from Matrix Y John wick, the actor Keanu reeves will lend his voice to the animated film DC League of Super-Pets. He will also do the series Rain, where he will play a murderer who specializes in making his victims appear to have died of natural causes.

Lastly, there are strong rumors that he might join the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Which would undoubtedly be something spectacular, since Keanu reeves I could play a new version of Ghost rider in his own movie or in interventions of installments of other heroes.

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