Kena: Bridge Of Spirits And Seven Other Indie Games Get Playable Demos At Tribeca Games Festival – Here’s How To Play


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is one of eight indie games for which a playable demo will be available this summer as part of the first-ever Tribeca Games Festival.

The seven other games include:

  • Harold Halibut (Slow Bros.)
  • Lost In Random (Zoink, EA)
  • NORCO (Geography of Robots, Raw Fury)
  • Sable (Shedworks, Raw Fury)
  • Signalis (Rose Motor, Humble Games)
  • The Big Con (Mighty Yell)
  • Twelve Minutes (Luis Antonio, Annapurna Interactive)

These demos will be available to the public through the streaming service Parsec and tickets for them will go live on May 24, 2021.

To book your seat, you will need to sign up with your email address so you will be notified when the tickets go live and then select which demo you want to experience and a time slot. From there, log in to Parsec with the email you booked the demo with and download the app to your PC. 30 minutes before your slot starts, you will receive an email with a link to your demo, which you can then click to experience on your booked time slot.

You don’t need an overly sturdy PC to play the demo while it’s streaming, but you do need a stable internet connection so the game can keep up and reduce latency. Are you registering for one of these demos? We certainly will and can’t wait to get our first hands-on with some of these games.

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Source – [Tribeca]