KO_OP discusses Goodbye Volcano High PS5 version

Goodbye Volcano High may not look like a graphics-intensive game, but the visual effects and art weigh heavily on the older hardware, and developer KO_OP is happy that this isn’t the case with the PlayStation 5.

Speaking to the official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar), Creative Director Saleem Dabbous revealed that the PS5’s hardware allows developers to focus on creating “the best art possible” rather than worrying about memory limitations. although Goodbye Volcano High Heading for the PS4, Dabbous hinted that “there will be a lot of work to be done to make the game work the way we want it to.”

Dabbous added:

We do a lot of visual lighting effects and things that are done in real time that, if we do it right, the player should never notice happening. We also [want to] can pan or zoom or do a few camera movements, which means that our resolutions and our textures have to be gigantic to all look perfect in 4K. And what’s really nice about that work on the PS5 is that we don’t really worry about technical limitations on memory and resolution and stuff like that so we can really focus on making the best art possible.

Dabbous also praised the DualSense controller. He said his haptic feedback has proven to be really valuable and that his adaptive triggers are “an exciting tool” for game designers.

Goodbye Volcano High will be released in 2021.