Lady Gaga could star in Joker 2

Joker 2, one of the most anticipated sequels of all time, could sign Lady Gaga to be the protagonist of the film.

This would be one of the biggest hits of the year! According to the latest rumors that have emerged on social networks, Lady Gaga could end up starring Joker 2. The sequel to the movie joaquin phoenix, a complete box office success directed by Todd Phillips, is one of the most anticipated projects of recent years. Apparently, it has already received a “green light” to enter the pre-production phase and things are gradually getting more serious. And now they’re talking about a star casting for the sequel.

In recent years, Lady Gaga has become a Hollywood star that shines with her own light beyond her musical facet. After surprising the world in A star has been born (2018), the last premiere with Ridley Scott It has finished catapulting her as an actress. The House of Gucci (2021) was quite an event in that sense and now a franchise of DC Comics of the size of Joker 2. If this happens, the media impact will be so strong and unexpected that we are not prepared for the real impact that would take place.

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An unprecedented success for the DC studio

The first part of the film Warner Bros. Pictures It was a huge box office success. The production barely reached the 60 million dollar investment, while the studio raised a whopping more than 1,000 million worldwide. In the United States alone, it has already obtained more than 300 million, while it has received innumerable awards, nominations and recognitions. A film truly acclaimed by the public, critics and academics that could now have a second part with a totally unexpected leading actress.

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