Layden has ‘no idea’ what happened to Capcom Deep Down

Former Sony Director Shawn Layden has told Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier that he has “no idea” what happened to Capcom’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Deep inside.

Schreier interviewed Layden during a video call for a newsletter in which the PlayStation veteran talked about his departure from Sony and reiterated that he finds the development of AAA, as we know it, unsustainable. When Schreier questioned him about… Deep insideLayden paused to “think for a second” before replying with, “I have no idea.”

Even if Layden knows what happened, he’s unlikely to discuss the matter. But at least we can cross him off the list of people who would have an answer.

Deep inside is (or was) a dungeon crawler with gameplay inspired by Capcom’s The Dogma of the Dragons and dark souls series. It was announced in 2013 before it disappeared, much like Rockstar Games’ exclusive PS3 version, Intermediary. reassurances that Deep inside still in development were occasionally made, but in 2016 it became clear that development was in trouble.

After a period of silence, which saw Capcom renew Deep inside‘s trademark producer Yoshinori Ono told fans that the publisher hasn’t given up on the game. Ono then left Capcom after two decades with the company.

The last time we heard about Deep inside was in an April 2020 report by Video Games Chronicles, whose sources claimed the game was “nearly complete” before being suspended.