Legion gets money heist Crossover in new co-op mission

Ubisoft teams up with Netflix to celebrate the start of Season 5 of money robbery. The result is an online themed co-op mission for up to four players in Watchdogs: Legion, and it will be available to all players starting today, August 30.

The Paperless mission tasks the Resistance with stealing cryptocurrency from Clan Kelley and redistributing the money to ‘Londoners in need’. The problem is that the currency is hidden in the Bank of England behind guards and a firewall. Clan Kelley has also provided their own security details to protect the millions of fake ETO they have stored in it.

DeadSec is disguised in the typical red hooded jumpsuit and mask worn by the thieves in the money robbery TV show when they tried to carry out a robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain. Alternatively, you can go for a red motorcycle jacket and matching trousers. Players have the choice of entering the bank silently and stealthily taking down guards, or using a variety of weapons and going loud. Those who complete the mission will earn an exclusive red jumpsuit outfit and the surreal mask. Another themed skin will be available in the in-game store.

The robbery comes just a week later Assassin’s Creed content was added to the game via title update 5.5. Season Pass owners got to play as a descendant of Jacob and Evie Fry from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate while Darcy became the newest playable hero. All players could take advantage of her two new world missions and single player missions. Other new content added during the same update included two PvP modes. Invasion mode returned while Extraction, a take on Capture The Flag, was first introduced to the franchise. There was also the Resistance mode, a new way to play the campaign with more oppressive enemies, and the standalone Legion of the Dead mode.

[Source: Ubisoft]