Life Is Strange True Colors Dev On 30 FPS Cap, Currently Investigating Performance Issues With PS5

Deck Nine Games has shed light on why the recently announced Life is Strange: True Colors is limited to 30 FPS on consoles.

Speaking on Reddit, the studio confirmed that the game has been deliberately limited to 30 FPS in order to achieve “higher cinematic fidelity on any platform”. Elsewhere, the studio revealed what the game has in store in the coming weeks.

Week 1 Patch If all goes well, we aim to release it by the end of next week.

Play station

PS5 Ray-Tracing Issue

Week 2 Patch

If all goes well, we’re working to have it ready by September 24th.

All platforms

Chapter 2 – Jed T-posing in Black Lantern

Chapter 2 – Alex T-Posing with Ryan

Play station

PS4 – Screen turns white

Currently under investigation

Play station

Performance issues with PS5

· No access to pre-order outfits

Chapter 2 – Eleanor Fear Not Triggering

PS5 – HDR sliders are missing

These aren’t the only issues we’re investigating, but we’re confident we’ll share them with you today in an early progress roadmap for transparency. We hoped you’d have a flawless first experience with Life is Strange: True Colors, and for those of you who wished these solutions would come sooner, we totally understand.

Keep in mind that all issues need to be researched, recreated and understood before solutions can be worked on.

Life is Strange: True Colors came out last week and you can have a butcher at our full review here.

[Source – Reddit via PSLS]