Lifetime PS5 sales exceed 17 million

Sony has released its financial results for the third quarter ended December 31, 2021, showing that it shipped an additional 3.9 million PlayStation 5s during the period. This brings the total lifespan of the PS5 to 17.3 million consoles shipped. Meanwhile, the PS4 shipped an additional 0.2 million units during the quarter, bringing the total number of units sold to 116.8 million units.

PS5 sales contributed to record year for PlayStation

Sony’s PlayStation division has another record year, with the second-highest quarterly revenue in its history (Q3 FY2020 is the largest quarterly revenue ever). Not only did PlayStation record its best-ever operating profit in a third quarter, its quarterly revenue of $7.15+ billion is also its third-best operating profit ever in any quarter.

On the software side, the PS4 and PS5 sold a combined total of 92.7 million games, including 11.3 million games published by Sony. PlayStation Store posted its second-largest quarterly revenue ever, earning more than $3.80 billion from digital games and add-ons. Overall, PlayStation’s Software and Services division (including physical sales) earned more than $4.96 billion — one of its best quarterly revenue figures ever. According to Sony, there are currently 111 million active PlayStation users, who spent an average of $42.37 on PSN during the third quarter.

PS5 sales forecast slashed due to delivery issues

Sony has revealed that it expects PS5 sales to be lower than its October 2021 forecast due to “an expected decline” in hardware sales “mainly due to shortages in supply of components, especially semiconductors.” However, operating income is expected to increase than previously forecast due to an overall decrease in costs.

Elsewhere, Sony confirmed it plans to launch ten live service games by March 2026, but didn’t share any further details.

Opinion: PS5’s delivery problems are unfortunate

Zamena writes… As Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, the PS5 was unable to keep up with PS4 sales, despite high demand due to a shortage of supply. In the same time frame, the PS4 sold 20 million units, compared to the PS5’s 17.3 million. Sony’s revised forecast suggests the company will continue to face supply constraints for the foreseeable future, which isn’t reassuring for those who have struggled to get their hands on a PS5.

In other news, Battlefield 2042 has failed to live up to sales expectations and February’s PlayStation Now lineup has been revealed.

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