Little Witch in the Woods (Game Preview) Available Today


  • Experience what it’s like to be a sorcerer’s apprentice in Little witch in the forest.
  • Participate in various activities to become a formal witch.
  • You can play Little With in the Woods (Game Preview) today with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

I am very happy to announce the Little witch in the forest is available today as part of the Xbox Game Preview program.

My colleagues and I have had numerous contemplations and experienced much trial and error to present you with a better experience and we will continue to do so. We hope you will enjoy the daily life of a witch and feel happiness through the Little witch in the forest.

Little witch in the forest

Experience as a witch’s apprentice

The game Little witch in the forest It’s about the life of Ellie the witch. The witches live together in Lucerin Ortu, where they build houses for witches from all over the world and send witches to help the villagers who live nearby. Apprentice witches at the wizarding school are sent to the Witch House, serving as apprentice witches under the owner witch.

You will become Ellie, the new witch’s apprentice, starting the day to day life of a witch. You won’t be good at everything from the start. But that’s okay. The many mistakes you make will make you grow. Helping those who need help and solving the problems she faces, she will find herself becoming an amazing witch.

Little witch in the forest

Participate in activities to become a formal witch

Wandering through the forest, you will meet many creatures, record them in the witch’s book and collect ingredients. If you process and mix the collected ingredients well according to the recipe, you will be able to make impressive potions. Use the potions you have made to solve many different problems and enjoy daily life as a witch. If you have solved a big problem, you can feel very rewarded when you fall asleep at night.

Meet the villagers in the town near the Witch’s House. Make friends with villagers with different personalities and listen to their stories. If they have problems with something, help them with their problems. Your little help will become someone’s great pleasure.

Little witch in the forest

Stay tuned for more activities

Since what we are presenting is just a preview at this point, there will be more content in the game in the future. Since our plans in life often change due to unexpected events, we are sometimes afraid to share our plan. But despite such risks, we’d like to share some promises we’d like to keep with you.

Little witch in the forest

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article. More than anything, we hope that the world and characters presented in the game Little witch in the forest I would be able to present you with happy experiences.

If you want to receive the latest news about our game, visit us at Twitter either Discord.

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Little Witch in the Forest (Game Preview)

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This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or be released as a final product. Buy only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. “Play the daily life of a little witch as an apprentice” In ‘LUCEREIN ORTU’, witches live together. They built ‘Witch House’ in various areas and have been sending their apprentice witches there. Apprentice witches must go to one of the ‘Witch Houses’ and help the nearby town and villagers. If she completes her apprenticeship successfully, she can become a formal witch. Become Ellie the witch’s apprentice and experience her daily life! “Experience various stories” Become the main character, Ellie, and continue the story so that you can complete your learning successfully. Practice the teachings you learned at Witch School, help people and make the world a better place. Make friends with the charming town characters and hear the inside story they have. If you can be his best friend, maybe you’ll hear his secret. “Enjoy exploration and witchcraft” Gather and process materials to create potions! Potions are useful for solving problems. Explore a mysterious fantasy world. You can find unique areas and you can meet cute creatures there. Interact with various creatures and complete the information in the witch’s book! Find a hidden spot! You can get special items or find shortcuts there. “Have a quiet daily life” Chat with new friends and discover their likes. If you give them a gift that suits their tastes, you will be able to get closer to your friends more quickly. The witch and the cat are historically inseparable associations. Communicate with cats that live in various places. Each of their personalities will be as different as their appearances. If you have a fateful encounter with a cat, the cat may want to spend every day with you. Sometimes you can fish and enjoy the peace. A relaxing break will give you the energy to go on a vigorous adventure the next day.