Localization of Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin can still take place as producer stands behind western release

Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato has given new hope upon seeing a localized version of Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin, although he noted that due to their age, they are more likely to be full remasters than ports.

During an interview with JPGames, Sato-san was asked if the games, which were released exclusively in Japan, will ever see the light of day in western areas. The good news is that Sato is very much in favor of having both games localized.

Personally, I would like to see these titles localized for Western fans to enjoy. In the past, we’ve prioritized trying to get a foothold in the west with Yakuza 0. Time flew quickly without a good time to publish these titles. In my opinion, the action in “Ishin” and “Kenzan” is one of the best in the series.

So I would like to locate the titles if there is a chance. However, they are already seven years old. So it would take extra work to produce remakes instead of simple ports. That makes the decision a bit more complicated.

Yakuza Kenzan was released for PS3 in early 2008, while Yakuza Ishin was launched for PS3 and PS4 in 2014. Both games are spin-off titles that take place hundreds of years before the events of the main series.

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[Source – Tojo Dojo]