Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Misty Peak DLC Releases Today

Alpine air is crisp but dangerously thin, your vision is limited and light raindrops hit your helmet… Today we launch the new misty peak downloadable content for Lonely Mountains – Downhill and it’s totally free. In this free update, you’ll be let loose for the first time on the other side of the all-too-familiar Graterhorn Mountain, where you’ll encounter the treacherous lost trails of Misty Peak.

If you didn’t already know, Megagon Industries are masters of immersion and this idyllic setting ticks all the boxes for quaint pit stops and casual exploration. I have had the privilege of descending Misty Peak and can’t wait for you to experience these new mountain trails. I can promise you that after all my rock crashes and cliff drops, the trail is built in the style that it won. Lonely Mountains – Downhill a ton of prizes. Enjoy the new challenges while listening to the natural ambient sounds of the forest mixed with your bike chain gently caressing the gears.

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In it misty peak DLC, you will enjoy a new path full of exciting challenges and two resting places to relax and change the pace of your fast-paced races. Gear up with new outfits, backpacks, and paint from the Air Elemental set and get ready to make a name for yourself on the leaderboards!

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For more experienced players looking for a new challenge beyond the seasonal Daily Rides content drops, we wanted to offer something extra to keep things fresh and this new free DLC does just that. It gives you the perfect excuse to race down the mountain one more time and fight for those coveted top spots on the leaderboards.

Speaking of leaderboards, over three million players have signed up worldwide and the Xbox community has been instrumental in helping us achieve these astronomical numbers, thank you!

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If you didn’t know Lonely Mountains – Downhill it was initially released in October 2019. Within its first year, it became a hit and gained a large following. Fast forward a year later and over a million players (1.2 million as of September 2020) had taken up the challenge. The game also won awards such as “Best Indie Game” at the German Developer Awards and “Best International Indie Game” at the Poznan Game Arena. A big part of this success was the community behind the game that continues to spread the word about lonely mountains far and wide so again we can only thank you for helping the game get to where it is today and we hope you enjoy this for free. misty peak content in appreciation of your support!

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Lonely Mountains – Downhill it’s a gift that keeps on giving and the game wants you to explore the rich mountainous worlds at your own pace or face the exciting challenge of beating the clock. If you’re a subscriber, I encourage you to check it out on Xbox Game Pass and see what you’re missing.


I must thank you again for the support you have shown us. It’s that support that has allowed us to continue to make the game bigger and better. This is just the latest of many DLC and updates and it won’t be the last as we continue to try and give back to the community that made this game such a success.

Thanks again and happy driving!

Lonely Mountains – Downhill

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Key Features: • Travel to the Lonely Mountains! Tour tranquil mountain lakes, majestic forests, and steep canyons. • A custom physics system lets you carefully drop from rock to rock, run over chasms, or slide through muddy terrain. Find the fastest way to reach the finish line! • No audience, no barrier tapes – experience a beautiful unspoiled wilderness by men • Find the perfect bike for your style of play and unlock dozens of paint jobs and outfits! • Compete with friends and show off your speed racing skills on the leaderboards