Lost Judgment leaked to PlayStation Store, likely to be officially announced tomorrow

lost-judgment-leaked-in-the-playstation-store-probably-officially-announced tomorrow

Just before it’s revealed tomorrow, Lost Judgment has leaked to the PlayStation Store, which is likely the sequel to Judge that SEGA has plagued the past weeks.

SEGA filed the Lost Judgment name in Japan earlier this year, leaving fans wondering if a new game in the Yakuza spin-off series was on the way. SEGA then released a teaser for Judgment Day, which is tomorrow May 7. So while this is the name of the game for Japan, it could be called something else in the West.

The game is listed with a release date of September 21, 2021 in Japan and is coming to both PS5 and PS4, with two editions to choose from. We will have to see whether this is also the case in the West.

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Lost Judgment is expected to be released on PS5 and PS4.

Source – [@Wario64]