Many old friends return for new Mass Effect

BioWare showed the first teaser for the new Mass Effect during the Game Awards. In a number of Tweets it appears that a number of old acquaintances return for this Sci-fi RPG.

In a number of Tweets (spotted by Game Informer) project leader Michael Gamble confirmed that some BioWare veterans are returning for the latest installment of Mass Effect. That’s how Dusty Everman, Parish Ley, Brenon Holmes and Derek Watts were named.

Everman worked in various roles designing the games at BioWare between 2003 and 2015 and then left to start his own studio. However, Everman returned in October, but now as ‘principal narrative designer’.

Creative director Parish Ley has been with the developer for 14 years and has worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy and Anthem since 2014. Now she returns for the new game.

Derek Watts will be responsible for all the art for that game, a task he has fulfilled since the first Mass Effect. This news comes just after it was announced that a number of top executives have left BioWare.

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