March 2022 PlayStation Plus Games File Size

March is steadily approaching, which means we are ready for our next batch PlayStation Plus games for the new month.

This month’s titles have already been revealed, with Ghostrunner available for PS5, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends in front of PS5 and PS4Team Sonic Racing in front of PS4 and Ark: Survival Evolved in front of PS4

If you want to download each of these and give them a try, then you may want to free up some space as they take up a lot of the whole thing.

Twitter account PlayStationSize has revealed what to expect if you want to download every game.

Ghostrunner comes in at just 11.129GB On PS5while Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends is a big jump to 62.783GB On PS5 and 40,731GB On PS4.

Team Sonic Racing will you bring back another one 15GB, and finally, Ark: Survival Evolved is no less than 99.547GB

Of course you only need to download one version for Ghost of Tsushimabut all those games are together 188.459GB when you are playing PS5and 155.278NL when you’re busy PS4

So it might be good to free up some space, just to be on the safe side. Or you can look at options to expand your storage space.

Source – [Twitter]