Marvel fixes worst of Black Widow movie villain

Taskmaster is a beloved villain from Marvel comics whose origin was greatly changed in the movie Black Widow (2021).

Marvel comic SPOILERS warning Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 31 by Saladin Ahmed, Christopher Allen and Guru-eFX. In this history Taskmaster he is well represented because he precisely does something that has made him a very interesting villain over the years and that was not reflected in the movie Black Widow. Since we can see how he faces Miles Morales and Starling interrupting the date they have together. The heroes try to catch him but find that he can copy their movements while taunting them.

Marvel fans were disappointed to see Taskmaster in Black widow precisely because he did not speak. Beneath the mask was Antonia Dreykov (Olga Kurylenko), but it says nothing in the whole movie. However, his version of the comic constantly taunts his opponents as it is a cornerstone of the strategy to be able to take on superheroes. A largemouth style Deadpool It could have given the movie some humor in some more dramatic moments that are sure to have made the character more interesting and fans asked for a spin-off. If we don’t see this again Taskmaster in the cinema probably nobody will miss it. Even though it has tremendous potential.

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Marvel fixes worst of Black Widow movie villain

The change of origins in some villains is normal in the MCU.

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe It is distinguished by using stories and characters from the comics but it usually changes them a lot. Taskmaster, EGO or Ultron they are different from their versions in the cinema. So it’s interesting to know how they’ll introduce other villains as Gorr, the butcher of the gods, the High Evolutionary, Doctor doom or Galactus.

Did you like the Marvel Studios version of Taskmaster? Leave us your comments below. The movie of Black widow can be seen currently in the Disney Plus streaming platform.