Marvel has two versions of Doctor Strange 2: One for adults!

The Doctor Strange 2 movie has two different cuts at Marvel Studios. One of those montages is for adults only and it’s really scary!

we knew that Marvel Studios was preparing something very big with Doctor Strange 2, but we did not imagine that it was going to be something as “beast” as what we are going to have. The latest rumors about the Sam Raimi movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch have given us goosebumps. A totally unexpected turn for Kevin Feige’s studio, which has us accustomed to other types of productions. Nothing to do with what this trip to the Multiverse of Madness is going to be.

As reported in the account MCU Updates, the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme will have up to two versions. Apparently, Marvel Studios has two radically different montages of Doctor Strange 2. One of them would be the normal one, with a PG-13 rating. The other, however, the one that gave us goosebumps, would be for adults only, would be rated R, and would be extremely scary.

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Obviously, the R-rated terrifying montage would be much bigger; that is, it would have more footage than the other one, from which they would have “removed” things to make it lighter. According to the MCU Updates account, the montage for adults has been defined as «a horror film», something that does not surprise us at all given that the director responsible is Sam Raimi. A classic of the genre, go.

The return to filming could have happened for this reason

There was a lot of speculation as to why Doctor Strange 2 reshoots were happening right now. Rumors about Marvel Studios claimed that they were doing it to include a lot of characters in cameo form. The other day, up to 50 names that would appear in the film were leaked. However, in MCU Updates they maintain that the return to production is for this reason, because there are two diametrically opposed footage and both versions must be profiled: the normal version and the most terrifying version for adults. Do you think we will end up seeing both? Maybe they’ll release the normal one in theaters and then give us the R-rated version on VOD, don’t you think?

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