Marvel introduced Venom in Eternals and nobody noticed

No one noticed! The Eternals movie introduced Venom to the Marvel Universe and went completely unnoticed by the public.

Spider-Man: No Way Home confirmed the existence of the symbiote Venom at Marvel Cinematic Universe. But nevertheless, Eternals I had already presented it before the arachnid event starring Tom Holland. The UCM is currently expanding, both in film and television. It is introducing new characters and planning new events. And the center of this new saga seems to be the multiverse, something that we hope to see again in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Eternals not only introduced a new group of superheroes, in addition to the deviantsbut also to dane whitman. the character of Kit Harington in the Marvel comics he transforms into the black knight and wields the Ebony Sword. The movie of Chloe Zhao did not show that transformation, but he did advance it with Blade in the post-credits scene. In it he opened a box and was ready to touch it, thus continuing the legacy of his family. The sword reacts in a very peculiar way when Dane is about to touch it. Almost like it was a symbiote, right? This means that the Marvel Studios film was the first introduction of the Venom concept in the MCU before Spider-Man: No Way Homeas our colleagues from ScreenRant.

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The history of the Ebony Blade in comics

In the vignettes, the Ebony Sword was forged by Marline Y sir percy from the meteorite known as “Starstone”. She was enchanted to pass through any object, prevent the death of the wearer of her and deflect any type of magic. But there was a price to pay. The blade carried a curse that slowly corrupted the wielder, causing a desire for violence, bloodshed, and death. According Knull, a supernatural god of darkness and creator of symbiotes like Venom, the Ebon Blade is a divine symbiotic weapon with the potential to destroy worlds. Only those of impure heart can wield it, drawing out their negative emotions until they are driven mad by violence.

Thus, the Ebony Sword is the first symbiote of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their effects on humans are a little different than the Venom symbiote we know of, but it will be interesting to see how they compare and how they use the different abilities they give their hosts.

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