Marvel is once again despised by the film awards

Once again, Marvel Studios is unseen for the film of the year awards. Monumental back to Spider-Man: No Way Home

Despite what you said Tom holland the other day, this year’s film awards will again despise Marvel studios. The study chaired by Kevin Feige It has once again been ignored by the film academies. It will not have the endorsement of the same on the occasion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, as collected this afternoon by the companions of Deadline.

Deadline has reported that the great spider movie, the film that has practically saved the industry from Hollywood of 2021, has been declared unsuccessful in meeting the necessary selection criteria for the Bafta awards. That is, the Oscars of the British Academy of Film and Television.

The excuse is that Sony Pictures did not come up on time Spider-Man: No Way Home to the online platform BAFTA View, so it cannot be considered for the awards ceremony. This does not square with previous information, which stated that the study wanted the Marvel film to apply to the prestigious Oscars Awards. Be that as it may, the BAFTAs wash their hands on this issue.

Why didn’t Sony upload the movie on time?

«Spider-Man: No Way Home did not meet the eligibility criteria for the BAFTA 2022 and therefore did not qualify to participate«Announced the British academy. «As described in our regulations, all films must be available to the jury on the BAFTA View platform before the close of voting for the first round, in order to guarantee the fairness and parity of all titles. The distributor did not make this film available to us.«.

Bad news for Invincible season 2

Perhaps Sony did not want the Marvel movie to be available on an online platform. Perhaps the fear of piracy and the constant leaks of the nominated films drove them back. However, it doesn’t make any sense. Why would they want to go to the Oscars and not upload the movie?