Marvel Midnight Suns Is “XCOM Completely Inverted,” Says Game Director

In a new interview with Edge Magazine, Marvel Midnight Suns game director Jake Solomon talked about the differences between XCOM and firaxis’ latest superhero project.

“This was not conscious, but midnight Sun is actually the opposite of XCOM† You are not stuck on this map of terrifying aliens – the bad guys are terrified of you. Mechanical, thematic, it’s just… XCOM completely reversed.”

It’s a new kind of power trip for fans of previous ones firaxis titles. Rather than conquering the odds, satisfaction comes from the fact that you can absolutely destroy your enemies.

Both are good approximations, although the latter can get boring if players really aren’t challenged. But with the precedent of trouble set by Firaxis, that probably won’t be a problem.

The last we heard from Firaxis on Midnight Suns was that the project was delayed into the second half of 2022† We still haven’t completed the first half, although hopefully a final release date will be announced soon.

Source – [Gamesradar]