Marvel Prepares a Historic Halloween Special

The next Halloween celebration could bring us an amazing and historical Marvel Studios special. Beware of the surprise they prepare!

Disney+ could host a historic Halloween special by Marvel Studios. The study chaired by Kevin Feig He has been making use of the streaming window that the platform gives him for just over a year. Since its inception with WandaVision we have seen a lot of proposals, whether it is a Christmas story or Hawk Eye or the animated series whatif. However, the MCU Phase 4 could lead to a terrifying Halloween special starring the Man-Thing.

As you can see, as reported crux void Through Screen Geek and Daniel RPK, the American “insiders” assure that Marvel Studios would be evaluating the possibility of preparing a Halloween special focused on the Man-Thing (Man-Thing). This special would obviously come out on Disney+. We do not know if we will end up seeing it, since it is only a rumor at the moment. However, it would be a success if the study did something like that. The fans would love it and the themed specials always work. In addition, the catalog of the streaming platform will come in handy.

Who is the Man-Thing? Brief approximation to the character of the comics

The Man-Thing, also known as Man-Thing or Doctor ted sallisis a fictional character created by marvel comics. She was born from the hand of Stan read, roy thomas, Gerry Conway and Gray Morrow. What a quartet full of talent and charisma! The character first appeared in issue one of Wild Tales (1971). He later made a couple of appearances on other shows and eventually ended up getting her own show, including Adventure into Feara series that introduced the character of Howard the Duck.

It is a humanoid creature very similar to Swamp Thing from DC Comics. He’s a big swamp monster, a little slow, with a lot of empathy. He is a native of Everglades (Florida, United States), near the Seminole reservation and the fictional city Citrusville, located in Cypress County. In 2005 he had a homonymous film adaptation, characterized by Conan stevens.