Marvel Reveals Russell Crowe’s Role in Kraven the Hunter

The Kraven the Hunter movie will star Russell Crowe. His role was a surprise, but now Marvel has finally confirmed it.

Earlier this month, the actor Russell Crowe joined the cast of the film Kraven the Hunter. We are talking about a new project sony pictures under the seal of Spider-Man Universebut without the hero characterized by Tom Holland. If this afternoon we have discovered who would be the villain Chameleon, now we have new details. Marvel has confirmed that the famous interpreter will give life to Nikolai Kravinoff, father of the legendary villain. The report comes from The Illuminerdi and it would mean having Crowe in a tremendously important role for the story.

In the Marvel comics, Nikolai Kravinoff is the father of both Kraven the Hunter and the Chameleon, the latter being a son the Russian patriarch had out of wedlock. Wow, what is commonly known by the term “bastard”. The protagonist of the film will be Aaron Taylor Johnsonwhile Sony Pictures has chosen Fred Hechinger (White Lotus) to bring the Chameleon to life. With Russell Crowe confirmed as father… we already have the whole family!

A long-dreamed-of movie villain

Kraven the Hunter has long been a character that the directors of the Spider-Man movies have wanted to bring to the big screen. For example, the writer Chris Mckenna revealed that both he and his comrade-in-arms, Erik Sommersthey included the character in a draft of all the scripts they have written during the trilogy of the character of Marvel Studios at the MCU.

«I don’t think there was a draft of any of the Spider-Man movies at Marvel Studios that Kraven the Hunter wasn’t in.McKenna assured The Wrap a bunch of months ago. «We ended the second movie by revealing Peter’s identity and that was our starting point. That took us down different paths in history, like the presence of this villain. Then Kevin Feige came along and gave us the idea of ​​using villains from the past, from previous franchises. And in the end we were able to provoke all this, it came about almost unintentionally«.