Marvel should use more sex scenes in their movies

Steven Soderbergh has spoken about superhero movies and believes that films like Marvel’s should put the focus on sex.

the famous manager Steven Soderbergh think superhero movies Marvel Y DC Comics they are lacking in sex scenes. Soderbergh is the filmmaker behind the franchise of Ocean’s Eleven, as well as films from the likes of Out of Sight (A Very Dangerous Romance), Erin Brockovich Y Magic Mike. The director’s first film was the unforgettable Sex, lies and videotapes, starring Andie McDowell Y james spader. This film catapulted Steven Soderbergh to fame in Hollywood, opening countless doors for him.

In general, superhero movies don’t usually have sex scenes. They have always been inclined towards romantic relationships and the occasional scene, depending on the main character. Recently, Marvel Studios she had her first sex scene Eternals. Other franchises haven’t been “so lucky” in that regard. And some, something else. We saw it explicitly with Ryan Reynolds Y Morena Baccarin in dead pool. Or with patrick wilson Y Malin Akerman in Watchmen. And the same with television series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones Y luke cage. same for TheBoys Y Doom Patrol.

“I don’t know how to tell a person how to behave in a world without sex,” the director joked.

While the main Marvel and DC Comics movies often avoid sex scenes, there is a lot of romance in some of them. Talking with TheDailyBeastSoderbergh said he has trouble imagining the world of superheroes without the sex. For him, this conflicts with basic human behavior. «I don’t think superhero movies are on a lower level. It’s about which universe you occupy as a storyteller“said the filmmaker.

«I am too tied to this planet to enter a universe in which Newtonian physics does not existSoderbergh continued. «I just have a lack of imagination in that regard. So my only foray into science fiction was basically a character drama set in a spaceship. Also, to understand these worlds and write them or oversee the story and its characters… Aside from the fact that they can bend time, defy gravity and shoot lightning bolts from their fingers… There is nobody fucking! I don’t know how to tell an actor how to behave in a world where sex never happens.«. Do you think Marvel movies should have more sex?