Marvel Studios finally uses the Kirby Krackle

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has used its new series to experiment in the narrative and visual field.

The first season of the animated series is now complete What if…? (What would happen if …?) that can be seen on the streaming platform Disney Plus by following this link. This story has presented us with different Universe of Marvel studios that are far from the time line of the movies. Even so, we have seen the best characters in different very interesting situations such as partying, facing a zombie apocalypse, using the most dangerous black magic or fighting the almighty Ultron with the Infinity Stones.

But… what is the Kirby Krackle?

It is an artistic expression used in comics in which a black field is used to represent negative space around unspecified types of energy. It is commonly used for explosions, smoke, ray guns, “cosmic” energy, and outer space phenomena. Named for the legendary Jack Kirby, as he popularized this in his Fantastic Four and Thor comics.

Marvel Studios Kirby Krackle what if

Although other Marvel Studios series and films have used the work of Jack Kirby, they had never adapted the Kirby Krackle in motion, something that the director of the series What if …? Bryan andrews, he was eager to assume.

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“I always wanted to.” Bryan Andrews said in a recent interview. And then it always bothered me that they didn’t use the Kirby Krackle in live action movies, so I thought, We’re doing it here, guys. And all the Marvel Studios workers said: Yay! Now that we’ve done it and it looks amazing, I hope whatever weird stuff that people have been avoiding the visuals for is over, I don’t know why they would. Let’s go guys. Bring it on! Bring it on! We’ll see. Maybe it’s a new era of visual effects. “

“One of our first thoughts was going straight to work Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko.” Bryan Andrews revealed in another interview a few months ago. “We ended up going in another direction, but we all grew up with those classical panels and compositions, it’s in our brains, so it pops up here and there.”

The Serie What if…? from Marvel studios will have a second season that can be seen in Disney Plus.